PPCR Dates Parliamentarians

On 10 th December, 2018, the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience held a half-day
information sharing meeting with the Zambian Parliamentarian Conservation Caucus
Committee (ZPCCC) a Parliament Buildings. The Zambian Parliamentary Conservation
Caucus (ZPCCC) is a non-partisan voluntary body drawing its membership from
Members of Parliament (MP) in Zambia with a shared vision to influence policy
directions in the quest for environmental sustainability in Zambia.
Mrs. Chitembo Chunga, PPCR National Coordinator led the PPCR team. The latter
presented information on climate change, how Zambia was affected and what strategic
actions PPCR Zambia was doing in response. Mrs. Chunga stated that the “PPCR is one
of the country’s flagship climate change interventions which the Government is
The presentation focused on the various investments which have been made in the
project areas aimed at improving the adaptive capacity and build resilience of the target
communities in the 28 districts the PPCR is operating. Some of the adaptation projects
being implemented by the PPCR at community and district level include the 237.5
kilometers climate resilient road in Southern Province and a fish hatchery project in
Kaoma District. There are currently more than 1000 community projects in the Kafue
and Barotse.
“We are glad that we held this briefing with our country’s law makers; some of whom
were representing constituencies where PPCR projects are being implemented” said
Mrs. Chunga after the meeting. She further stated that the feedback from the MPs was
The ZPCCC expressed a lot of interest with the on-going projects. The meeting was
important because the parliamentarians needed to be alive to their need to influence
policy that championed resilience in the face of the threat of climate change.
ZPCCC Secretary, Honourable Nixon Chilangwa in his closing remarks, thanked the
PPCR Team for the presentations and stated that the information shared was very
important. He went on to request that a similar information sharing session be held with
the rest of the parliamentarians next year. Honourable Chilangwa urged the team to
ensure that such information sharing exercises be held on a regular basis so that the
Members of Parliament are kept abreast with progress on climate resilience actions
under PPCR.
The PPCR which is a funding window for climate change projects under the multi-donor
Climate Investment Funds (CIF). In Zambia, PPCR is supported by the World Bank
(Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Barotse Sub-basin) and the African l
Development Bank (Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub-basin). The

PPCR is also strengthening the country’s institutional framework at national, provincial
and district level with regards to dealing with climate change matters.
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